Luvin Lavender Farm is a local farm operation growing unique and distinctive varieties of lavender not commonly found in the northeast Ohio region. The 2 1/2 acres of display gardens on the 48 acre farm currently showcase approximately close to 4500 lavender plants that include different varieties that range from deep to light purple to white and pink. The garden blooms in a fantastic array of colors and scent during the peak months of summer.

Located in Madison on Middle Ridge Road the farm has been in the family in various uses for over 100 years. Over the course of history it has been used for growing dahlias, gladiolas, strawberries and grapes as well as food to support livestock kept on the farm and the family.

The revival of this historical family property came from a desire to nurture the dwindling culture of local growers in Madison in a way that was reverent of the natural world.

The choice of lavender started with only a few plants interspaced throughout the garden in an attempt to encourage and support the bees which are so essential to our ecosystem. After encouraging results with those few plants the idea is growing into a sustainable and viable way to revitalize an old family farm and honor its history.